Turbocharge your wireless router with an Android™ upgrade

Android for wifi routers. A simple firmware upgrade adds dozens of features & capabilities, including downloadable Android apps.



   [droyd-uh-fahy] verb, droid·i·fied, droid·i·fy·ing.

1. to upgrade a router from buggy, featureless stock firmware to Android™


The latest generation of 802.11ac wireless routers offers Ethernet speeds over wireless channels and processing power that rivals the latest smartphones. This is the first generation of wifi equipment that is fast enough to replace the wires snaking through our homes and offices. Unfortunately the capabilities in these devices are hamstrung by poorly designed and written firmware.

Droidifi is developing an Android™ firmware upgrade for the latest Wifi devices that unlocks their full potential.


Droidifi™ Features

  • Power Boost - boost the wireless power output
  • Mesh Networking - expand wireless coverage area by adding a 2nd, 3rd, or more routers
  • USB Support - add storage, cameras, printers, 3G modems, and more
  • Cloud Storage - use your favorite cloud storage service to back up your network
  • Media Server - access music, photos, and films stored on your router
  • File Server - use your router as a wireless file server
  • Android Apps - expand your router using standard Android Apps
  • Quality of Service - manage bandwidth hogs so you can Skype and surf while downloads or torrents are running
  • Firewalls - add parental controls and custom firewall settings to your network
  • Anti-Virus - use your router as an anti-virus and phishing firewall
  • And many more ...


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